Why do you charge when other services claim to be free?

There are some consulting services online that state they can find you home care package services for free.  Every business must make money to survive, so if you are not paying directly for their service, who is? What this means is that you are not directly charged but they are paid by the company you choose. In some cases it is the actual home care provider who offers the service. This means they take a payment from your subsidy; you must also pay them an exit fee if you wish to leave them and use a different provider. Other businesses work as bed brokers. They find customers for the service providers and aged care facilities. The difference with OAS is that we are completely independent and not affiliated with anyone. We work strictly in your interests to find the service or accommodation that is right for you. The only payment we will ever receive is from you.

Why use our services?

Options Ageing Solutions is a family run business that cares about giving you the best advice. We provide a confidential, fully personalised service and remain up to date with the latest changes in aged care regulations.

Aged care is a highly complex system. There are numerous types of fees and fee structures as well as legal documentation and assessments that must be completed before the process of finding suitable accommodation can even begin.

Placing a loved one into care can be very stressful and emotionally charged. We can help ease the burden by assisting with the regulatory side of the transition. We will explain what is necessary and the order with which the steps must be undertaken, relieving you of the confusion.

How do I access government subsided aged care services?

An Aged Care Assessment is required in order to move into residential care. A member of an ACAT assessment team will talk to you about your current situation. They will assess:

  • Your eligibility for entry into an aged care home
  • Help you access the help you need
  • Provide you with information about aged care homes and aged care services in your area
  • Provide information about respite care

ACAT assessments are free, and at OAS we can help you organise an ACAT assessment

What paperwork do I need to access a residential care home?

At OAS we can help you fill in all necessary forms and act as an advocacy on your behalf

  • ACAT assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Application form from chosen facility
  • An Agreement with the chosen facility

What is a Financial Assessment?

This assessment is called an income and assets test.

You will need to fill out a form from Centrelink to provide your income and asset information.

You should return the form to the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as per the instructions on the form.

You do not need to seek separate fee advice for each service you wish to be on a waiting list for.

How do I find an aged care home which best suits my needs and finances?

The best way to do this is to visit a number of retirement homes. At OAS we can take the legwork out of this step for you. We will visit a number of homes that meet your requirements and lifestyle preferences. We will present you with our findings, can do a tour of the facility of your choice with you and help you fill in the necessary paperwork.

Will I have to sell my home?

Whether you have to sell the family house to enter a residential home will depend upon your personal circumstances. The Resident Agreement between you and the care provider you choose will set out the amount you have to pay. The cost of daily fees, means tested fees and bonds will vary depending on the individual requiring care, their personal circumstances and the facility in which they choose to reside.

At OAS we will help you find the best care to suit your budget.